Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who Are You?

Hello, and welcome back to American Idol. I must admit that I tried blogging during the auditions, but there's too much fluff and too much to write, quite frankly. So I figure here's a good time to are my thoughts on the 24. I'm already behind because I haven't watched the men yet (DVR is still holding onto it), which makes me think that I started at exactly the right time last year - when we had the top 12.

Anyone else think that the auditions were rather lackluster this year? I may be losing my AI mojo, particularly with the impending departure of my Simy. I'm not at all convinced that they won't offer him a co-gillion dollars to stick around though, because like I said last year...Simon IS American Idol.

Okay, so the 24, in the order that they were announced:

1. Mike Lynche. Big Mike whose wife had the baby girl during the auditions. I love his daughter's name, Leila Rose, but he better go far in the competition to make up to his wife that he missed labor. One minus that Simon noted for Big Mike was his lack of confidence, but that he is likable. He's easily one of my early favorites - everyone knows I'm a sucker for a big man who is light on his feet. If he doesn't make it though, he'd have one hell of a career as a chiropractor. Those hugs he gave out probably fixed a lot of sore vertebrae.

2. Dede Benami. She lost her BFF and was doing this for her. She wowed during Hollywood week on Angel and singing Kara's song. She reminds me of what I hear on the radio, when she's good, she's fantastic, but I don't think she's consistent. I also worry about her emotional state because she's cried the most of all of the contestants so far. But there's always room in AI for crazy.

3. Katelyn Epperly. During the auditions, we were treated to her hard luck story: dad left Mom, all hopes pinned on me, yada yada yada. She nailed that song during Hollywood Week. Honestly, I thought she was a no. I am feeling rather lukewarm about her, and doubt she'll make it to the top 12.

4. Casey Jones. Hello, Hotness. The best moment in the season came when the other three judges called Kara on her cougar-ness. Ellen even notes that "he has his hair down for you." And for me. Yowsa. He's really feeling his acceptance, and Randy clowns Kara about her dainty little hug. I ain't mad at'cha Kara. And actually, I must admit that I'm liking Kara a lot more this season.

5. Aaron Kelly. He's 16 years old and made a mess during Hollywood Week. I'm always leery of performers forgetting the words, particularly a Four Tops song. So I'm lukewarm toward Aaron because he forgot the words to one of my favorite songs AND because he made me feel old by forgetting said words.

6. Lee Dewyze. They accuse Lee of not having a lot of star power or confidence. He objects on both points. He growled at me through the Fray in Hollywood week, but for some reason, I think he's one to watch.

7. Todrick Hall. What the hell is his name? Simon was not on board with this one, and I'm not fond of his picture-name-dropping. He showed pictures of himself with Fantasia and Oprah...I'm decidedly ehh on him too.

Okay, right here is a notable no. Jessica Funey. She's the one who was so proud of herself for getting all the words to The Sweetest Escape. She's out and she's really pathetic about it. Puh-leeze. But I'm wondering why Simon keeps saying twelve? Does he already know? Is it fixed? It's a conspiracy. That's spelled c-o-n...spiracy.

8. Janell Wheeler. Her audition was okay, but she was a bit of a mess Hollywood Week. There must be something there. I think she's through on the basis of her first Hollywood Week solo. That rocked.

9. Tyler Grady. He's got the 70's groove on lock. he did "Let's Get It On". I like him, but kind of hated his fake out. However, it was worth it to see Ryan say "Nice". Yeah, I got some mad love for Ryan ALREADY this season.

10. Lacey Brown. She lost out to Megan Corkrey for the last girl spot on AI8. And now that know the train wreck that Megan is (I still remember that bird squawk she did), I'm sure they are sorry they didn't give her the chance last year.

These next ones just got names, so I'm guessing they won't be around long:
11. Ashley Rodriguez
12. Alex Lambert
13. Joe Munoz
14. Crystal Bowersox. She is, so far, one of my favorites. I guess we saw enough of her that we didn't need any back story.

15. Katie Stevens. Cute little girl who's grandmother has Alzheimer's. I like her, but I fear she's going to get too cute for me. Really fast.

Here's another notable no. Angela. This broke my heart, and quite frankly pissed me off. If they were that concerned for her, why not let her through? I can give you three names right off the top that could have gone home in her place. Anyhoo, it was an honest moment of a girl just trying to live her dream. Unlike many things that are contrived by the AI machine, this one got to me. And I think they got it wrong.

More names, no story.
16. Lilly Scott
17. Page Miles
18. Siobhan Magnus. Another one that I like a lot right now.
19. Michelle Delamor
20. Jermaine Sellers
21. John Park

22. We have Hayley Vaughn v. Tori somebody for the last girl spot. Obviously it was Hayley because I don't have Tori's last name. I'm going to try really really hard for Hayley not to annoy me. So far, it's not going well.

23. We have Thaddeus v. Andrew Garcia. Once again, I have Andrew's full name, but not Thaddeus', so there's no cliffhanger here. I like Andrew.

Okay, so that's twenty three. For the life of me, I can't figure out how I missed the 24th person during this two-night was Tim Urban.

That's it for now, friends! Stay tuned for the girl's...coming up after dinner!