Friday, May 29, 2009

Seasons of Love

525,600 minutes
525,000 moments so dear
525,600 minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

Okay, so, here I sit, about an hour before my official birthday. I'm one of those freaks who ages on the day -- I never say I'm "almost 39" or that "I'm 38 and a half". Nope, right now, I'm 38, and tomorrow, I'll be 39. I've been wondering lately, as I usually do, what I'm supposed to know by now; after all, I'm THIRTY NINE. That seems like a number that has wisdom, and yet, I still know nothing, but feel like I have even less time to figure it all out!

Here's what I've learned over the last 525,600 minutes. I've learned that one of the biggest ironies of life is that the older you get, the more time flies. I can't remember the last time I wished for the future. Even the weekends get here faster, and fly faster than ever before. There's no longer a part that drags, like the month of May right before summer vacation, or what seemed like the endless first 25 days of December. No, it all absolutely flies by at a blinding pace. I used to think that it was having a kid - having a living breathing creature that grows and is constantly reminding you of the passage of time, but I suspect that even if we were still childless, I'd still feel like time is flying. And honestly? I want to stop it. I feel so childish wishing for it, but I do. I want to slow the passage of time so that I can experience moments in the moment and not think...gosh, that was fun. I think that's why I find it all so ironic - I sure wish I had this wisdom when I had 10-week summer vacations!

I spend a lot more time wondering if I'm living my best life. If I'm doing right by Alex, Walter, my staff at work, my career, and wonder if it's all fallen into place. I have a good life; no, I have a blessed life, but I think I may have stumbled onto what causes midlife crises in folk -- it's the realization that there's just not enough time. I think that's why people go a little nuts at this stage of the game -- leaving their families, buying shiny cars, bigger boobs, whatever. I think it's very easy to try and stop the passage of time by going back and re-doing some of our bigger regrets. But time does indeed keep marching on. And as that sage Dolly Parton pointed out, it' s "marching across your face" (though a lovely item called Dr. Feelgood by Benefit will hide those creases!)

I can't figure out if you have more flashbacks when you get older because you have more memories, or if you flashback because you just can't believe there's so many more years between then and now. I can so clearly remember bringing Alex home, and how tiny and helpless he looked in the bassinet, then he looked tiny in his crib, then his bed. It seems like yesterday, and yet upstairs right now sleeps a child who looks more like a boy and less like a baby than he ever has. And, at 3'2", he looks right at home in that bed.

I've decided that I'm no longer counting my birthdays in years. Don't worry, I'm not going to be one of those people who says "I''m having the 25th anniversary of my 39th birthday", or some such bullsh!t like that. No, I think I'm going to start measuring my age in joy. In wisdom. In laughter. In smiles. In the generosity of friends. I'm going to measure it by the times that I feel a warmth that starts in the tiniest part of my soul that reminds me that life is a gift. I may ultimately be a lot older that way, but also a lot richer. I'm a truly blessed individual. I'm not saying that my life is not without its challenges, without questions, but ultimately, when I stand back and survey the landscape of my entire life, there is so much that makes me grateful, and so much that inspires me to do more. To be more. I'm not sure what I did to deserve my life, but I'll roll with it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Final Countdown

Okay, so, DVR and I will be headed to relationship counseling. After getting Alex down (and getting a coworker off the phone), I return to DVR to find that it did NOT tape the first 10 minutes or so. I get no Ryan waxing philosophically about how this is the most important night in their lives, no Paula talking bat sh!t (my new term, I think) crazy talk about anything and everything, no Simon asking Paula why she's so, I get Adam singing, so I'll dive in.

Adam is singing Mad World, a good choice, as this is the song that most of DVRing America didn't see that night when Idol ran over. Once again, he does a great job, but if I remember what I saw online correctly, I think that I liked the first time he sang it more. Randara loves it, and Kara makes a good point that he raised the game this season, making the other contestants think about what they were doing. Paula and Adam have a lovey exchange, and not in a call-19-Entertainment way, but an bff-way that's kind of endearing. She tells him to bask in this moment and the audience just goes wild. I think Simon felt like Adam was moving in on his woman because he picks on the performance aspects of it, the dry ice and the long coat Twilight thing. So even that was a backhanded compliment, because comparing anything to Twilight is good, and will put him in a good light. Yes, this is Adam's to lose.

Kris is doing Ain't No Sunshine again, on the piano, which I can't remember if he had it last time he did this...? And once again, I love this. How I love this. While I think that Adam will have to screw up royally to not win, I don't really think Kris winning would be that big of an upset -- this kid can sing. Kris' wife is looking all lovingly at him (at least, I think that's his wife). Randy (what the HELL is Randy wearing...he looks like a test pattern) notes that this is one of his best performances ever. Kara's cougar competes with mine, as she notes that he connects with everyone with his song. This time 19 Entertainment zaps Paula under the table as she says something about Kris Allenizing all over her. Simon starts off by saying that he wasn't sure Kris was the right call for the finals, but that he takes it all back after that performance...and you know what? I believe him! I remember that look he (Simon) had last week after Kris covered Kanye...he never thought he'd end up in the finals. After that, I absolutely believe this is the right two.

I know for Round Two that Adam sings A Change is Gonna Come because before I went upstairs, I turned it on, saw him RULING it, and made myself turn it off to watch it in its entirety. Okay, so this is one of my favorite songs, and I am very funny about people singing it. I realize it's words and music and copyrights, but it's so much more for me. Maybe it's because it was released posthumously by Cooke (something I just found out), and it's become not just a song for civil rights, but a song that is so hopeful that the world will ultimately become more than it ever was. And I feel like you need to *get* that before you start singing it. For instance, if I were to ever hear Miley Cyrus sing this song, I would boycott free radio, retreat to a cabin, and write a manifesto. Having said all of that, Adam sang this song SO well. He got the yearning, the hope, he got it all and it was great. And he contained the screech perfectly. I liked this...these boys are in it to win it. Randy says it was unbelievable, and that he can sing his face off. Kara says it was his best performance ever. And Paula...okay, it was Randaraula tonight, with their individual cliches. Simon says he's back in the game with that performance. Nicely done.

Ryan notes that it must be a big night because Simon is wearing buttons...and...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Kris Allen is singing What's Going On -- okay, is it me, or has Kris gotten cuter since last week? Damn...anyhoo, I like when he does this with his songs, and I enjoy this. Not sure I feel it's a performance on par with Adam's, but it was really well done, and I liked it. Randy thinks its a little light for this point in the competition, but hello? This was not his song why ping him on that. Kara says he's been true to himself and compliments Simon Fuller on song choice, I think, as a reminder to the audience that he didn't pick the song. Paula says that Marvin Gaye would have been proud. Simon says he didn't grab the song and make it his own and that it was too laid back for tonight. Maybe that's what Randy meant, but really, this is not a song that's supposed to be loud, and I know they get that. It's meant to raise consciousness, and it doesn't lend itself to the crescendos/decrescendos that A Change is Gonna Come does. Me thinks that the judges realize that Kris is in very real danger of winning this entire thing, so they have to attempt to sway the votes as much as possible. Not a conspiracy, just a thought.

Adam's last song of the night is a song I've never heard, I don't think. Oh, is this the Idol Treacle Tune? Let me rewind...yes, for some reason I thought they were singing this song tomorrow. The Treacle Tune, No Boundaries, is the *prize* for winning this competition. And for someone who watched Fame religiously, I am all about uplifting show tunes...but the Idol Treacle Tune is more miss than hit with me. And this is...okay. I'm kind of eh about it...Randy says it was just all right for him, that it was a little pitchy. Kara loves it because it's a song she wrote (so, naturally, she thinks it's great) and she thanks him for singing it. Paula thanks Adam for what he's bought to Season 8, and that she's a forever fan, and I kind of see them having mani/pedis and mojitos together. Simon clearly hates the song, but sings Adam's praises as one of the more original contestants and that he genuinely believes that he has found a superstar.

And then Ryan tells Adam he's a class act and that he never wavered from who he was this season and HELLO HAS EVERYONE FORGOT THAT THERE'S ONE MORE SONG? Sheesh...oh, Ryan says that Kris is singing after the break. Too little, too late, Seacrest, glad you could get Adam's boot out of your mouth to remember the other contestant.

Okay, so my friend Joe said that Kris struggled a bit, let's see. Awww...yeah, I hear a lot of nerves in Kris right now. Or maybe this song strains his register. Having the two of them sing the same song shows that Adam is more comfortable on stage. But, I will say that the earnestness of Kris' voice suits this song better than Adam's. Randy starts off that he should be very proud of far he's come. Kara admits that this song is a bit high for him, but that she wants people to vote on the season. Paula says he's done a great job to get where he is tonight...Translation from Randaraula - they know he probably won't win, but love him. Simon, now, I kind of love what Simon said -- he said that his first performance was his best (yes), and also that he deserves to be up there, and notes how far he's come from that guy who had no confidence during the auditions.

Okay, wrap up, and this was a good night. I like Kris, and I like how Adam invites folks to vote for Kris, because again, you can be charitable when you've got it sewn up. But again, I think that Kris will have a very nice career after this. I can almost see this being a replay of Season 2, where Ruben won, but arguably Clay Aiken has had a better career. He also, in my mind, mesmerized me with being the only person on the planet who thought he was in the closet. God bless him. But I digress. The show ends with HEY!! Carrie Underwood! You know, I love her! (Hey! Lucky for AI, I chose to DVR Glee as well to see the rest of Carrie!) I love recaps. Aww...remember Norman Gentle?Okay, this also reminds me of how much time I have given to this show!

So, I honestly think that Adam will win. And I honestly hope that Kris will...he's earned it.

Good night, friends!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Little Birds

Okay, so, DVR had to hold onto the entire episode while I was having CPK with Louise, which was yummy!

Ryan comes down the stairway from heaven, looking good and telling us that Kris, Danny, and Adam went back to their respective hometowns. I don't remember when they started doing this, but tomorrow will be the quickest results show in history, because I don't really get this, and it takes me about 5 minutes to watch this show. Though I will admit to being a little choked up when David Cook went home last year (and David? I'm very sorry for your loss), I am really not interested in Local-Boy makes good day. Anyhoo, it generally doesn't interest me, and it seems the whole point is to send these kids home is to give them their chosen song while they are there. And sure - that sounds like a great way to unwind before what is probably one of the biggest performances on the show. Makes an incredible amount of sense.

First up - Danny Gokey - Paula chooses Dance Little Sister for him, saying that Terrence Trent D'Arby was an overnight sensation after The Hardline According to TTD dropped, and that Danny has the ability to be an overnight sensation. Think. Discuss. Anyhoo, I admit that was hoping he'd do the "Get up out your Rocking Chair grandma!" line like TTD on the original, but that probably would have been cheesy. Ricky Minor's band, especially the brass, is rocking already tonight. I don't love this, but it's not like I loved the original all that much either. This song works on the cd because, as those of you who own Hard Line know, you're jamming by the time that track comes on, so you just keep partying, and you're all..."yeah! Dance Little Sister" rocks...but if it were earlier in the cd? Perhaps not so much. Personally, I think there are a lot of other songs on THA2TTD (Wishing Well comes to mind). Paula is out of her chair rocking (of course she has to be - she chose it). Randy calls it "dope", saying he started off the night well...Kara likes the song choice because it's in his "money" range, but that his dancing was gyratey (uh? What?), and that she wouldn't remember it. Paula says as the choreographer she thought it was really good, and I think Paula is a little tired of Kara. And because Paula doesn't try to start off sober at the end of season, she starts talking about magic...Simon doesn't love it, wishing for another TTD song (and really? I'm calling a lawyer for plagiarism!). Eh...Danny claims that he wanted to throw it all out there, but it seems kind of phoned in to me. He does that from time to time.

Kris Allen has Apologize by One Republic chosen for him by Randara. At first, I don't know what the bloody hell song this is, but then he starts playing...and I know this one. Did I know that Kris plays the piano? He's doing a good job with this, although it sounds like he's not comfortable with the upper range of the song. I really like Kris, and I really liked that. Randy begins by saying, while he knows the show at this point is about who could win, he thinks that he did a great job of showing the kind of artist it could be. Kara doesn't like it, saying that he wasn't that original (and what? Why did she pick it if she didn't expect him to uh...SING IT). Paula kills him softly, saying she didn't love it, but she loves him and knows that Danny has been phoning it in so she won't be mad if Kris gets that top 2 spot. Okay, so I'm paraphrasing and maybe projecting a little bit, but that's what I heard. Simon calls bullsh!t on Kara telling her that she can't choose a song and then blame him for doing said song. Word. Just freakin' Word, Simon. Simon says he did a competent version, but not was good as the original, and Kara goes ballistic, loud talking the rest of Simon's critique and asking him (Simon) if he's ever arranged a song in his life (saving me from the letter-writing campaign to rid my tv of her...she's gone next season). They argue leaving Kris looking very uncomfortable, and he looks as though he's wondering if they will finish all of this in time for him to get back to the Idol Mansion to watch Transformers. Well, I thought it was good, and for the young voters, I think that may serve him better than TTD will serve Gokey. And I'm only comparing these two because we all know this will come down to who's in the finals with Adam.

Proving that point further, Simon, the only judge that makes sense, chooses Adam's song. Adam gets his text, asking (directing) him to sing "One", by U2. Simon name drops Bono's; St. Bono apparently called Simon to tell him it was fine for Adam to sing a U2 song. I'm wondering where Simon found him - no doubt somewhere trying to turn water into wine [Bono touches wine] "Dammit! I still can't get that!" Okay, so I didn't love this nearly as much as I expected to. It started off wonderfully, but then it kind of got away from him, I think. I don't think this was a song that needed to be altered. Randy loved it; Kara says that it sounded great. Paula says that it sucks to sit next to Simon while he gloats. Paula then says what we all know: that Adam has won this. Even if this sucked, Simon wasn't going to say that, but he says it's brilliant, and that if Adam isn't in the finals, it will be one of the biggest upsets in Idol history. And I'm sure everyone will take that comment as a reminder of Daughtry, or maybe even J.Hud. But for me, the biggest upset in Idol history is still that Tamyra Gray was not in the finals...I loved that mop head Justin Guarini, but if I recall, even HE knew he wasn't supposed to be there. Anyhoo, Adam steps on the smug-o-meter just a bit, saying if the audience rewinds the song, they will see beautiful lyrics. Yeah, kid, those are beautiful lyrics -- that song, according to Walter's estimate, is just about 20 years old, so perhaps, just perhaps, we've heard this song, and the lyrics a time or two before. And now Walter and I are sitting in disbelief that Achtung Baby dropped 20 years ago...can someone tell me where the 90's are...and how 1990 was almost 20 years ago???

Carrie Underwood is in Africa working Idol Gives Back. That's all I got, besides some super cute kids, and that Idol is distributing bed nets to stop the spread of malaria. And yeah, I get that this plugs Idol and Exxon Mobil and that what they are giving probably doesn't skim their profits, but I still think this is a good thing they do, even if the motivation isn't all that altruistic. And I saw this kid who had tears in his eyes, and I can't help it -- sad kids make me cry. Ryan brings it back to Idol, and calls the Judge's Pick the Battle of the Egos, which is...priceless.

Danny's back for his second song...his pick. He's singing You Are So Beautiful. He should ROCK this. I can honestly say that I'd never heard some of these lyrics that Danny was singing. I was eh on the beginning, but once he put his raspy into it, I LOVED it. I'll remember it fondly, I think. Randara loved it....Kara even calls it stunning. Paula says she was breathless, and said he did "magic" to it. Simon says it was a vocal master class, but that he didn't need to do a new arrangement (I'm dizzy over here). Okay, I may have to rewind this tomorrow...right now it's late and I'm sleepy, but I didn't hear what the judges heard.

KANYE WEST? Seriously? This is the artist that Kris has chosen...Heartless. Oh no. I really hate Kanye West. just Kris and a guitar, let's see how this goes. Okay, so, Kris is leaving it ALL on the stage tonight -- he's doing what he does best. His guitar, his arrangement, and I love it more than I've ever loved anything Kanye has ever done. More over, I appreciate that Kris seems to get that this is the last sense leaving the studio tonight saying "aww, I should have done". this should have been a mess, and it was N-ICE. They show the judges, and I swear, Simon's look is "oh sh!t, Kris is going to be in the finals." Randy likes this better than Kanye's version, and it's very easy for me to agree with that. Kara starts talking and I tune out because Randy joins in and they are sharing a brain, blending into Randara once again. Paula loved it, and Simon says that he had written him off after Kara and Randy's effed up song choice (I'm paraphrasing), but that he (Kris) totally changed the game with that performance. It was awesome, and he slayed it. Again, because we know Adam is a lock on the finals, now that Danny and Kris are done, I can honestly say that I think that Kris has earned a spot in the finals.

Last up -- AI 8's winner, and he's chosen Crying, by Aerosmith. He says he's twisted it his way, but gives props to Steven Tyler. Adam owns the stage, but his back-up singer in the beginning is bothering me. Okay, so tonight's Adam is the Adam I hated for the first half of the season. This, like "One" was screechy and pretentious and I didn't like it much at all. Randara calls him amazing, rock star, see you at the finals, etc. Paula pulls out her best cliche yet, saying that Adam sets the bar so high she hopes he's collecting frequent flier miles. Simon, who actually watches the show and knows that America can make a mess of things when they are left to vote, wisely reminds Adam that it's not a lock, and more importantly, reminds America that they can't assume he's got it locked up. And then, in blatant favoritism -- all of the judges remind America to vote.

So that's a night. If I'm ranking performances tonight -

1. Kris' 2nd song
2. Kris' 1st song;
3. Danny's 2nd song;
4. Adam's 1st song;
5. Danny's 1st song; and
6. Adam's 2nd song.

And, the ranking is damning with faint praise as I was REALLY unimpressed with "One". All in all, a lot of nerves, not a lot of love. It's a tough one to call.

Good night friends!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Still Rock N Roll To Me

Okay, so, I had planned to really blog in real time tonight, but instead of was chatting with my really fabulous friend Cat in London...and after tucking Alex in, DVR tells me it's about 40 after the hour. Ryan tells us that Slash is the mentor tonight, which makes it...Rock N Roll night! This will be really great or really cheesy. But Slash is a musician, and we haven't had many of those, so I think he will give great advice. I hope he brings the guitar along. Plus, I find Slash to be quite sexy, ridiculous-carton hair and stupid hats aside. And even in that, there's something smoldering about that guy. My mother would have totally freaked out, but I would have been a complete groupie over Slash.

Ryan tells us about some sort of emergency in the studio, making me think that something has really happened...that one of the contestants got the flu or something, but no, it's just that one of the big idol microphones fell and that the Idols didn't get a dress rehearsal or a real run-through or something like that. Then, apparently, the Idols will pair off and sing a duet. Because, really? They haven't been slammed enough on running out of time? This makes sense?

First up - Adam Lambert - ooh, I kind of feel sorry for the other three that he's leading off, because Adam should, by all estimates, own this night. He refers to Slash as a Rock God, which I kind of like. He does Whole Lotta Love., and I may very well lose all of my Adam goodwill. If he doesn't rock this, and I mean rock it well, I will think he was way too smug to take on one of the best rock bands of all time, with one of their most iconic songs. Okay, so Ricky Minor's band isn't Slash's band but they are still quite fantastic. And Adam is...well, Adam owns this, and it's not a knock-off, he doesn't remind me of Robert Plant or anything. He killed it. Randy loves it. Kara calls him a Rock God, and while I thought it was good, come on Kara. Folk are going to think you and Paula are backstage with the bottle in the paper bag splitting it. Kara then goes a little off her rocker (get it? Rocker!) saying something about he's in his lane and he's alone in his lane, and she must be thinking strictly in terms of Idolettes, because last I checked, Robert Plant is still alive. Paula notes that it's hard to improve a Zeppelin song, but that it was awesome! Simon says it will be impossible to top and he feels sorry for the rest of them (okay, now I think I'm going to start suing for plagiarism), and finally someone notes that this is one of the greatest songs of all time and that he slayed it. Simon is right -- it downright sucks for the other three that he opened. With that.

Next, Alison Iraheta. She reveals that she went with Adam to his hair girl, and uh...well. It's anyway, Alison is doing Crybaby, and I liked it a lot in rehearsal. Slash gives her some advice to not be afraid and then she sneaks a little kiss, and Alison is my hero! Okay, so has anyone checked Alison's birth certificate? I refuse to believe, after this, that she is only 17. I didn't think she'd do this well - that she wasn't mature enough. And that's absolutely the last time I underestimate this girl. What I really like about this is that she didn't throw away the lower notes to get to the "CRYBABY" chorus that everyone knows. She hit every note, and she hit them well. I liked this a lot. Randy says she can sing "her face off" (is this his new line?), but that he didn't love this song choice, that all he heard was "CRYBABY" (I disagree). Kara likes Janis, but not this song, she recommends A Piece of My Heart. Again, I disagree. Okay, maybe I missed something -- I thought she was great! Paula steps into crazy again saying if they ever do a biopic on Janis, she should get the part. Simon says that she's grown leaps and bounds over the past 8 weeks, but that this wasn't very original, but that she should have gone with her first choice, Somebody to Love...only Simon thinks it's the Queen version, but Alison corrects him that she was doing the Jefferson Airplane version. She lips off a bit, and it's actually kind of cute, because she's been so quiet all season, and she's not really smug about it. And Simon likes it too. Translation -- I really want this to be between you and Adam in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to let you slide. I hope when they watch this tape tomorrow, they will realize this was better than they thought it was tonight.

So now we get a duet, but it's not Alison and's Kris and Danny. Is this fair, that they have to use their first voice for the performance that won't be judged? They are doing Renegade by Styx. Kris begins a Capella, showing off that lovely tone of his...Danny's is good too. Oh my GOODNESS! Why am I just noticing the resemblance between Danny and Robert Downey, Jr? Okay, so now that Matt is gone, I am no longer cheating on him...this Kris is so cute. However, I don't love this vocal in its entirety. But I'm not completely disappointed, because if I were them, I wouldn't give this my all either, knowing that I won't be judged on it! I did like their voices together though. Randara didn't love the individual vocals, but loved their harmonies. Paula gives a lucid critique that it was compelling...Simon doesn't know what to say. I thought he hated it, but he says that Danny was better than Kris, and I have a bit of an attitude with Simon now. Why go there, Simy?

Next up - Solo Kris takes on the Beatles, singing Come Together, after rejecting Revolution (a wise choice, I think). Kris gets to play Slash's guitar, and Slash (rightly) notes that it made him nervous, as Kris said he almost wet his pants. I love the genuine moments, and I appreciate it when these folk realize that this show has taken them places they never DREAMED of. Okay, so I love Kris, and I love this song...if the Beatles ever had a song with a sexy beat, this is it...and Kris is just too damned nice for this song. My inner cougar ducked out, and then kind of went back in. If I didn't LOVE him, I don't know that I would have liked this, if that makes any sense. Randy wasn't blown away. Okay, this is a first for me and my AI blogging. I am rewinding to listen to this again. Excuse me. Okay, I liked this a lot. He got the sexy right, and my inner cougar came out and sat down the second time. So back to the judges...Randy liked his guitar thing and notes that it's a good performance. Kara didn't love the performance, that he was trying too hard. Paula starts off lucid, noting that it's hard to do a Beatles song, but then she takes a sip and says something about imprint and artistry...and I'm not sure if she liked it. Simon didn't like it that much, comparing it to eating ice for lunch, that afterwards you have nothing. Ryan calls bullsh!t, telling Simon that he's far too rich to have ice for lunch. Once again, I hope, when the judges see the tape, they will see what I saw. No, Kris is not an Alison, or an Adam, or a Danny, but I would bet money that 19 Entertainment will sign Kris beyond the tour. This kid has chops, and I don't appreciate Simon comparing him to Adam...he's NOT Adam. He's not over the top, but he's better than credible. he has a voice and a talent that I would love to hear on the radio...and while I am not comparing the two, I think that John Mayer would sneer at Adam, invite him to pick up a guitar and see where it went. I'm not comparing John Mayer to Kris either, but I am saying that while Adam is the better performer, hands down, I don't necessarily think he's a better vocalist than Kris.

Ooh...Paula has a confession on Fox News tonight. But you know, Fox is questionable, so who knows what Paula is about to say.

Danny is doing Dream On, and rehearsal made me a tad uncomfortable. The screech...oh no. Okay, so Danny doesn't look all that comfortable with this, but the chorus really works with his voice...but then we got to the end and that was an unmitigated mess. I'm sorry, he was out of sync with the band, and that screech is not in the same zip code as his natural range. Holy sh!t, that was bad. Randy says that he knows this wasn't his genre, but gives him an A for effort, noting that he had 3 notes at once with that last note. Kara says he took the swagger compliments and took it a little far, but notes that he took a risk, and says that rock is roll is about being bold and going for it, and she goes on, and I wonder. Why does Kara insists on doing the fist pump? Paula says it wasn't her favorite song, but that she gives him an A++ for going for it. Simon compares the last note to a horror movie, saying it was over-the-top. I think that Paula tells him (Simon) she loves him and he gives her a look as if to say "later, Boo". He compares him to Adam as well, but says it didn't work for him, but that he'll be safe tonight. Translation -- this really sucked, but we are ready for Kris to go instead. Wow.

Last performance of the night is Alison and Adam doing Slow Ride, and I'm hard pressed to hear it because Adam's pants are alarming me. So, I like this better than the other duet, mainly because these two are more comfortable with a band than the other two. But you know what else? They are both very comfortable with the rock thing, and that may work in their favor as well.There is also a camaraderie between Alison and Adam, a generosity in the duet that was lacking with the other two, and you can tell by the way they embrace at the end that they were practicing this all the way to Adam's hair girl and back. Plus, endearing Adam to me even more, I see that he has given her some tips on owning the stage; it was like she siphoned a little of his confidence. And, you know, when you've won AI 8 like Adam has, you can afford to be generous. I liked this a lot. Randara loved it, noting that they pushed each other to be better on stage. Kara says something about Rock God and Rock Goddess. Any more comments like that, and I'm thinking that Kara has her own cup of happiness. Simon says this performance was leaps above the last duet, and that Adam may have given Alison an extra week in the competition. Yup, this is definitely who they want in the finals.

Okay, tonight, if we were judging only on the merits of tonight...Danny should call Jamal and ask him to come pick him up from the Idol Mansion. But we know it doesn't work that way. I'm afraid this might be the end for Kris, but like last week, I'm hard press to call it.

Lastly, to my friend Neesha -- I will keep the DVR if you want to come over and watch for yourself!

'night, Friends!